Please do not request videos on posts that do not have them. Videos will not be posted regularly from this point on.

Please submit any sightings/requests here, I will try my best to help out.

Note that requests will be removed once they are completed.



  1. Hi! Joel Bryant (I think…) fighting naked in movie “Souvenir: The Stolen African Art” (2007)
    Brief scene (millisecond) from the fight in trailer (youtube)

  2. Gregg Sulkin ‘nude’ in Runaways episode 3

    I mean he’s not really naked, but they are using X-ray googles and they see through his body, exposing his bones, but you can see his abs. Still waiting for that butt scene.

  3. Brett Dier (from Jane the Virgin) in Bomb Girls. S2 Ep 3-6. He has several scenes of him in just a tank top and a few of him shirtless. Antonio Cupo also had a few good shirtless scenes in the series but I don’t know exactly what episodes, sorry.

      1. No. A bully took off his pants.
        I hope we will one day be lucky to see him naked

  4. I just saw your post about Heath Ledger. For some odd reason, I feel that adding RIP in the title would be aprropriate. Just an idea

    1. You really can’t get over this thing can you. I am not changing a thing. The images are of him from a movie and not trying to glorify his passing. Are we meant to not watch or enjoy anything that has a person that has passed away in it.
      I can not see a valid point in bringing attention to the fact that they are no longer here.

      1. thats not me by the way I agree with Nephlim14 that you should add a RIP attachement no I think we can but his dead what can you do with a corpse I would have a page for the dead actors if thats what you want. Personally after they crossed over whats the point in making caps. This site is naked actors. Not glorifying dead naked actors

      2. I replied to Nephlim14.
        Nothing is going to change. If you don’t want to see the caps of those people then don’t look at them. These requests are ridiculous and frustrating.

      3. I wasnt trying to make you change anything or glorify their death. I just saw the post you made of him, the idea popped up and I thought I put it out there. You didnt have to bite my head off. How many people have been bringing this up with you?

      4. what are you talking about? I think this is the first time Ive brought it up? I know because I dont go to the request page that frequently

  5. Ilkka Villi in Haarautuvan Rakkauden Talo (aka The House of Branching Love) [2009 film] – nude sex scene

      1. How do you know it was a body double. Why wouldnt he do his own nude scenes his done it before

      2. Matt Damon said in an interview: “Well, we were going to shoot it like that, like the way they shot Castaway. I was going to lose a bunch of weight in the third act of the movie, then put the weight back on. But with the way the schedule worked out, we went to Budapest, and then we went to Jordan to shoot exteriors. And we had to shoot exteriors for the beginning, middle and end of the movie. So we used a body double. It was, like, two shots.”

  6. Ed Skrein and Dominic Allburn in the film “The Model” [2016]. Male frontal nudity and multiple sex scenes

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