Please do not request videos on posts that do not have them. Videos will not be posted regularly from this point on.

Please submit any sightings/requests here, I will try my best to help out.



  1. Thanks for your magnificent work capping all these sexy guys!!! I’d like to know if you could cap John (Johnny) DeLuca in Staten Island Summer. He’s a stud!!!

  2. Could you please do some pics of the strippers from Charmed 6×06 My THree Witches about half way through the episodes thank you soo much

  3. Can you post screencaps of mathew daddario shirtless in bed in season 2 ep 2 of shadowhunters?

  4. Why arent’t there any shirtless photos of Tobey Magure (besides SM)? He’s shirtless in Pawn Sacrafice, Seabiscuit, Winehouse Rules, and maybe in another movies which I havent’t seen. I’d be very grateful if you add them all

  5. Please add caps from “The 10 Year Plan”. The movie itself isn’t a good one, but the main hero is super sexy, plus there are some gay scenes

  6. Uh… Burkely Duffield’s also shirtless in Beyond episode 8 “Last Action Hero” and episode 9 “Out of Darkness”. He’s lying down shirtless for most of the episode 9.

  7. Burkely Duffield shirtless in Beyond episode 7 “the Hour of the Wolf” please. He’s shirtless there 2-3 times. Also, can you update the episode 3 “Ties That Bind” post? It’s missing the shirtless scene where he’s sitting with a towel. Thanks 🙂

  8. steven beck on vivica’s black magic Jan.4th – lifetimetv

    i saw some behind the scenes footage on his instagram, looks tasty

  9. Do you have any caps from the BBC’s production of ‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’? There’s some great scenes of some hunks their bloomers. Thanks

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