Matt Cooper shirtless in Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars W4 Matt Cooper 64

Week Four of Dancing With The Stars and Matt Cooper returns in just a workman’s vest and MC Hammer pants to dance to U Can’t Touch This. Always love Helen and Kym’s reactions to the hot guys.

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Jesse Williams shirtless in Greys Anatomy 8-04 “What Is It About Men”

Greys Anatomy 804 17

Jesse Williams is stunningly beautiful and here is changing his scrubs on Greys Anatomy.

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Joe Cole and Cillian Murphy shirtless in Peaky Blinders 1-06 “Episode 6″

Peaky Blinders 106 31

Joe Cole as the youngest Shelby brother was forced to marry a gypsy girl in an arranged marriage last episode, this week they show they definitely have chemistry, later Tommy has to get a bullet removed from his chest.

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Dominic Adams shirtless in Devious Maids 2-03 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Devious Maids 203 29

They aren’t even being shy about ogling at Dominic Adams’ body in the new season of Devious Maids. Thank you.

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Rupert Friend shirtless in Homeland 4-03 “Shalwar Kameez”

Homeland 403 15

As his boss tries to get him back to the CIA, Rupert Friend stays in his towel even with a violent confrontation.  

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Chad Carroll shirtless and Chris Leavitt nude in Million Dollar Listing Miami 1-06 “Three’s A Crowd”

Million Dollar Listing 106 02

Chad is the epitome of hot, beautiful face and smoking hot body, it is such a shame then that it is Chris who gets his bum out not Chad.

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Ewen Leslie, Tim Ross and Damien Strouthos shirtless in Wonderland 1-21 “Liking”

Wonderland 121 10

I can’t stand Ewen Leslie’s character at all, so at least we get Tim Ross shirtless again along with Rob’s brother who sadly was electrocuted.

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